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PBC Reports on Chicago’s Maximum Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel; Roy Zimmerman Serenades Us With Great New Political Songs!

Former congressman and Obama chief of staff Emmanuel is now mayor of Chicago with expanded police power and PBC found people there are reluctant to talk about him; zany Roy Zimmerman performs new political songs!In Chicago last week, PBC recorded interviews with people on the street, who seemed afraid to criticize their new mayor, Rahm Emmanuel.  Then, a report from the Guardian UK from January surfaced about new authority granted the mayor to hire outside security contractors, like Blackwater/Xe, for riot patrol at upcoming G8 and NATO summits set for Chicago this spring.  The G8 was just relocated to Camp David, which will keep it Occupy-free.  When tied to the new law that zipped through the partisan gridlock of Congress last week, which makes it a felony to enter or remain on “restricted” property, we see new efforts to limit First Amendment rights and outsource the new police state.  In the very last street interview, you’ll hear my comment about the fearful reactions to my simple question about their mayor.

At 25:25, the inimitable Roy Zimmerman returns to my secret studio to debut some timely new political songs.  They are all on a new CD called You’re Getting Sleepy, and you can find them on iTunes and at Roy’s site.  You’ll hear snappy patter and songs like Vote Republican, The Unions Are to Blame, Citizens United, and Hope, Struggle and Change. Roy is on another 50-state tour this year, so check his website for a concert near you!