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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, April 18

Ageless TV bandstand host Dick Clark Dies at 82, PBC shares his encounters with Clark; Colombian "escort" tells NY Times about the cheapskate Secret Service agent who was exposed.--Col. Ann Wright, activist on multiple fronts, reports that CNN's Sanjay Gupta will air two reports on sexual assault in the US military, this Sat and Sun at 7:30am EDT

--more bad PR for Occupy Afghanistan, as photos surface of US troops in macabre poses with body parts of dead Taliban

--CISPA is the new internet legislation that compromises privacy and expands corporate control--be alert!

--EPA announces new rules related to natural gas wells and fracking,  which seem to miss the mark

--California state senator Mark Leno introduces bill to reduce all drug possession penalties to misdemeanor; pot is now an "infraction"

--groups rally in San Francisco and other cities, saying "We are the 5 per cent, please raise our taxes".