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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, April 18

Ageless TV bandstand host Dick Clark Dies at 82, PBC shares his encounters with Clark; Colombian “escort” tells NY Times about the cheapskate Secret Service agent who was exposed.–Col. Ann Wright, activist on multiple fronts, reports that CNN’s Sanjay Gupta will air two reports on sexual assault in the US military, this Sat and Sun at 7:30am EDT

–more bad PR for Occupy Afghanistan, as photos surface of US troops in macabre poses with body parts of dead Taliban

–CISPA is the new internet legislation that compromises privacy and expands corporate control–be alert!

–EPA announces new rules related to natural gas wells and fracking,  which seem to miss the mark

–California state senator Mark Leno introduces bill to reduce all drug possession penalties to misdemeanor; pot is now an “infraction”

–groups rally in San Francisco and other cities, saying “We are the 5 per cent, please raise our taxes”.