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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, May 2

Obama’s photo op in Kabul intended to persuade Americans that we are withdrawing, while persuading NATO and Afghans that we are staying–the details are downright devilish.  Also:

–our frequent contributor, Gareth Porter, offers critical analysis of the Obama/Karzai agreements

–Rebecca Griffin of Peace Action West published a strong op-ed on the war in Afghanistan;  both Griffin and Porter were guests in our most recent in-depth interview, podcast 454

–Peter Bergen of New America Foundation wrote an interesting op-ed in Sunday’s NY Times, revealing Obama as the true hawk he is

–in this excerpt from today’s in-depth interview with Sibel Edmonds, we hear about the infiltration of the FBI Language Unit by a Turkish agent, one of the factors that led to Edmonds’ report to superiors, who covered up and then retaliated against Sibel

–another domestic terrorist plot is exposed by FBI, complete with the paid FBI informer that’s typical in almost all these cases

–David Shipler wrote a strong op-ed in Sundays NY Times about this pattern of paid FBI informers who provoke their victims into criminal acts, often providing the means and motivation

–Apple’s profits are shielded from taxes by an array of tactics, including an office in Reno, NV and the use of the “double Irish with a Dutch sandwich” strategy.