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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, May 2

Obama's photo op in Kabul intended to persuade Americans that we are withdrawing, while persuading NATO and Afghans that we are staying--the details are downright devilish.  Also:

--our frequent contributor, Gareth Porter, offers critical analysis of the Obama/Karzai agreements

--Rebecca Griffin of Peace Action West published a strong op-ed on the war in Afghanistan;  both Griffin and Porter were guests in our most recent in-depth interview, podcast 454

--Peter Bergen of New America Foundation wrote an interesting op-ed in Sunday's NY Times, revealing Obama as the true hawk he is

--in this excerpt from today's in-depth interview with Sibel Edmonds, we hear about the infiltration of the FBI Language Unit by a Turkish agent, one of the factors that led to Edmonds' report to superiors, who covered up and then retaliated against Sibel

--another domestic terrorist plot is exposed by FBI, complete with the paid FBI informer that's typical in almost all these cases

--David Shipler wrote a strong op-ed in Sundays NY Times about this pattern of paid FBI informers who provoke their victims into criminal acts, often providing the means and motivation

--Apple's profits are shielded from taxes by an array of tactics, including an office in Reno, NV and the use of the "double Irish with a Dutch sandwich" strategy.