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PBC News & Comment Thursday, May 3

The truth about bin Laden:  Gareth Porter reveals at Truthout that OBL was not running al Qaeda when reportedly killed last May 1; confusion in Beijing on status of blind lawyer since leaving US Embassy   Also:

–San Diego university student went to 420 party, was caught in DEA sweep and spent 5 days in jail without food or water

–“superliberal” 9th Circuit rejects lawsuit by Jose Padilla, gives immunity to John Yoo for torture memos, Yoo makes crass remark

–Jason Leopold of Truthout gets more DHS documents showing coordinated response to Occupy protests

–Occupy San Francisco takes over building on May 2, ejected with 26 arrests

–federal judge overseeing Oakland Police Department slams slow pace of investigation over police misconduct las fall, concerned they will delay report until 1-year statute of limitations

–WalMart sued by pension fund over bribes in Mexico, will buy its way out of this one, too

–media overplays the story of mom addicted to tanning booths