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Free Podcast: Part II of Exclusive Interview with Sibel Edmonds on Her New Book, “Classified Woman”

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In this second interview installment, Sibel Edmonds reveals many of the dramatic episodes related to her reports to superiors of an active spy in the FBI Language Unit, and the unprecedented retaliation and coverup. Based on her new book, Classified Woman, Sibel Edmonds shares many details of her disclosures of espionage at the FBI, the ensuing coverup, and the failures on Congress, the courts and the media to address the pattern of wrongdoing.  Starting with her immediate supervisors, she also reported the breach to Special Agent in Charge Thomas Frields–who made it clear he intended to cover it up.  Frields tried to intercept a letter from Edmonds to Asst. Director Dale Watson, but was too late.  Edmonds also talks about her attempts to expose the spying and the coverup to Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), then chair of Government Oversight Committee.  Waxman and his staff showed deep interest, until Edmonds explained that her information implicated top government officials–including Democrats in Congress.  At that point, they ignored her and their promises to hold hearings.  She also talks about the media–including 60 Minutes–and its failure to report abuses by government officials.  And she gives us a recap of the evil State Secrets Privilege and how is was used to gag her.

Be sure to listen to the last 10 minutes or so, as Sibel gives a powerful summation of her ordeal and how it has changed her views of her country and its government.