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PBC News & Comment Friday, May 4

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, better known as MCA, died of cancer today; we note stark differences in reports on Osama’s files between corporate media and independents like Gareth PorterĀ  Also:

–new jobs report: April was weak, possible net loss in employment

–Rep. Pelosi criticizes Justice Dept. for marijuana crackdowns in California, as Obama explains them to Rolling Stone, man

–NY Times op-ed calls for National Companies Act to force American based companies to pay taxes and observe standard rules

–NY Times editorial slams court ruling against Jose Padilla that gives broad immunity to John Yoo

–new commander of tribunals at Gitmo tries to spin that the process is fair

–critical elections this weekend in France and Greece could rein in austerity programs

–Irish Cardinal refuses to resign for protecting a pedophile priest