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PBC News & Comment Friday, May 4

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, better known as MCA, died of cancer today; we note stark differences in reports on Osama's files between corporate media and independents like Gareth PorterĀ  Also:

--new jobs report: April was weak, possible net loss in employment

--Rep. Pelosi criticizes Justice Dept. for marijuana crackdowns in California, as Obama explains them to Rolling Stone, man

--NY Times op-ed calls for National Companies Act to force American based companies to pay taxes and observe standard rules

--NY Times editorial slams court ruling against Jose Padilla that gives broad immunity to John Yoo

--new commander of tribunals at Gitmo tries to spin that the process is fair

--critical elections this weekend in France and Greece could rein in austerity programs

--Irish Cardinal refuses to resign for protecting a pedophile priest