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Gareth Porter Breaks Down the Myths of the Killing of bin Laden; author James Olson on Left-Brain/Right-Brain Differences



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Gareth Porter returns, as he is making news again with this investigative story from Truthout.  Author James Olson explains the differences between left-brain people and right-brain types.Porter, the historian and journalist, uses a credible Pakistani source to discredit the lies and spin of the bin Laden raid a year ago.  His key findings are that bin Laden was not still the leader of al Qaeda at his death–he had been sidelined several years ago to a figurehead role; and that the discovery of the courier and the Abbottobad compound did not come from torturing prisoners at Guantanamo, but from Pakistani intelligence, the ISI.  One of the reasons given for bin Laden’s forced retirement was his obsession with attacking the Pakistan nuclear weapons facilities at Kahuta, and corresponding doubts in his ranks that this was a good target.  Porter calls “disinformation” the claim that torture of detainees produced the location, citing an electroic intercept in August, 2011.  We start the interview with a discussion of when bin Laden actually died, acknowledging that many people believe he was dead well before 2011. And we end the interview with an update on Afghanistan following Obama’s photo op in Kabul last week.

At 42:50, we talk with James Olson, author of The Whole-Brain Path to Peace.  Olson helps us understand the different functions of the left and right sides of the brain, and how left-brain dominant people tend to be more conservative.  Olson gives special attention in his book to the madness of the War on Some Drugs, and makes the case for a more peaceful world if right brain dominants, including most women, were in charge.  You can see the charts we discuss about brain characteristics and get more information here.