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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, August 14

"F-bomb" makes the dictionary; Obama lawyers fight to lift injunction on detention clause of NDAA--excerpt from interview    Also:

--Medea Benjamin and others ejected from drone convention

--violence spikes in Iraq, Afghanistan

--Panetta spins recent attacks by Afghan soldiers that killed 6 Americans

--Obama has reduced, but not eliminated, "renditions"

--hackers need to crack "Gauss" cyberweapon

--California lower house defies Gov. Norquist, passes scholarship bill that tweaks corporate tax rules

--California State University bars residents from graduate programs, but welcomes non-residents who pay higher rates

--decision due Thursday from S. F. Ethics Commission on Mirkarimi termination, as S.F. Chronicle unfairly hits the sheriff, again

--sex-positive editor of Cosmopolitan Helen Gurley Brown dies at 90