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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 15

Pennsylvania judge ignores all the evidence, upholds voter ID law that will block 1.6 million voters in November.....Bradblog has all the details.

--your humble host shares the spin from supporters of the law, some pretty insulting pap

--in another bad ruling, federal judge in LA boots lawsuit against FBI for illegal actions against Muslims, based on "state secrets privilege"

--younger undocumented residents line up for new legal status similar to Dream Act

--new Swift-boat like campaign attacks against Obama

--Prof. David Coates comments on disingenuous GOP attacks on Obama in Nevada over immigration policies

--lefty gunman stopped in attack on DC offic of Family Research Council...we probably can't blame Glenn Beck for this one

--Ecuador will announce its decision on Julian Assange's asylum request tomorrow

--Israel predicts one month war with Iran if the Israelis launch the threatened pre-emptive strike