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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, August 15

Pennsylvania judge ignores all the evidence, upholds voter ID law that will block 1.6 million voters in November…..Bradblog has all the details.

–your humble host shares the spin from supporters of the law, some pretty insulting pap

–in another bad ruling, federal judge in LA boots lawsuit against FBI for illegal actions against Muslims, based on “state secrets privilege”

–younger undocumented residents line up for new legal status similar to Dream Act

–new Swift-boat like campaign attacks against Obama

–Prof. David Coates comments on disingenuous GOP attacks on Obama in Nevada over immigration policies

–lefty gunman stopped in attack on DC offic of Family Research Council…we probably can’t blame Glenn Beck for this one

–Ecuador will announce its decision on Julian Assange’s asylum request tomorrow

–Israel predicts one month war with Iran if the Israelis launch the threatened pre-emptive strike