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PBC News & Comment Thursday, August 16

Ecuador grants asylum to Assange as Britain threatens to violate diplomatic protocols to nab Mr. WikiLeaks…..   –Egypt’s new Defense Minister is Gen. el-Sissi

–worldwide protests planned Friday at time the verdict against punkers Pussy Riot is announced in Moscow

–Bishop Romney says he paid at least 13% in taxes over last 10 years, my average is closer to 22%

–Holder’s decision not to charge Goldman Sachs execs for promoting “shitty deals” leads Matt Taibi to say the Attorney General has no balls

–CNN and Time will reinstate Fareed Zakaria after plagiarism, because they are desperate for ratings, not credibility

–rather than wait to be punished by Gov. Norquist for a vote to close corporate tax loophole, California GOP Assembly leader Brian Nestande resigns the leadership post, the very next day

–SF Giants slugger Melky Cabrera tests positive for testosterone additives, suspended by MLB for 50 games; unlike Barry Bonds, Cabrera admitted it, and apologized

–ruling of SF Ethics Commission expected any hour in the effort to terminate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi