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PBC News & Comment Thursday, August 16

Ecuador grants asylum to Assange as Britain threatens to violate diplomatic protocols to nab Mr. WikiLeaks.....   --Egypt's new Defense Minister is Gen. el-Sissi

--worldwide protests planned Friday at time the verdict against punkers Pussy Riot is announced in Moscow

--Bishop Romney says he paid at least 13% in taxes over last 10 years, my average is closer to 22%

--Holder's decision not to charge Goldman Sachs execs for promoting "shitty deals" leads Matt Taibi to say the Attorney General has no balls

--CNN and Time will reinstate Fareed Zakaria after plagiarism, because they are desperate for ratings, not credibility

--rather than wait to be punished by Gov. Norquist for a vote to close corporate tax loophole, California GOP Assembly leader Brian Nestande resigns the leadership post, the very next day

--SF Giants slugger Melky Cabrera tests positive for testosterone additives, suspended by MLB for 50 games; unlike Barry Bonds, Cabrera admitted it, and apologized

--ruling of SF Ethics Commission expected any hour in the effort to terminate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi