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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, September 11

As political leaders and the corporate media harden the myths about 9/11/01, Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson fights for the truth..PBC opens with his own indictment of the 9/11 commission and the “official story” that the commission was used to promote.

We hear an excerpt from our in-depth interview with Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake City and presidential candidate of the Justice Party.  Anderson believes we deserve a real investigation of 9/11

PBC offers extensive citations from an oped in the NY Times published on September 10, where Vanity Fair reporter Kurt Eichenwald details the multiple warnings that were ignored by the Bush White House, as the neocons suggested the CIA had been duped.  It’s an important article for the mainstream media.

We close with the audio from James Corbett’s sarcastic summation of the 9/11 story in this YouTube video.  Be sure to watch it y0urself to get the full effect.