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PBC News & Comment Friday, September 14

The nasty neocons are baaaack!  Claiming that if Romney were president this week, there’d be no Mideast violence–wow!    The same brilliant advisors who lied us into Iraq and said the occupation would just be a few months now say that Obama is weak and Romney would give no quarter.  It’s a Swift Boat strategy, attacking Obama on his percieved strengths.

Your humble host doesn’t support Obama’s militarism, and believes it has many costs which are not acknowledged by our media or elected leaders.  But the Romney-cons are dangerous, reckless, and wrong.

–confusion continues over the actual events in Benghazi on 9.11.12

–major protests in Lebanon, where the Pope is planning to visit

–Obama refuses Netanyahu’s irrational demands on Iran

–NYT editorial praises Judge Forrest for NDAA ruling, but says–wrongly–that it was overly broad.  Same editorial deplores House vote to extend FISA surveillance dragnet for 5 years

–Gov. Don Siegelman is now in prison.  You can write to him:

Don Siegelman  #24775-001

P.O. Box 5010

Oakdale, LA  71463

(In case I confused you, it is in Louisiana.)

–read Scott Horton’s recap of the Siegelman case and the role of “Boss Rove” here

–Bernanke announces open-ended Quantitative Easing to reduce unemployment, but I don’t get the connection

–fossil fuels industries spend huge in this election cycle

–NYC Board of Health bans large sugar drinks