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USF Prof. Sephen Zunes Comments on Libya, Mideast, Romney’s Bizarre Comments and more; Will Durst on Post-Convention Bounces



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Stephen Zunes is professor of politics and chair of Middle East Studies at University of San Francisco.  See his website for the opening article on BushCo’s misadventures.  Will Durst on the post convention bounces and dips.Zunes describes the warnings he offered on 9/11/02 about the impending invasion of Iraq and neocon nonsense.  We talk about the “spontaneous” attack on the consulate in Benghazi, and the pent-up anger at the US on the Arab street, partly due to the mixed record of the US in supporting dictators in the region.  He calls Romney’s remarks “bizarre” and reflecting colonialism.  We talk about Netanyahu’s vist to the US and his demands for a firm plan to attack Iran.  He mentions that progressive groups are endorsing candidates with bad positions on the Middle East, including Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.  He comments on the questionable claims from Israel about recent attacks in Bulgaria and India, and on the civil war in Syria.

At 43:15, Will Durst comments on the post-convention “bounce”.