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PBC News & Comment Monday, September 17

In NDAA detention challenge, Obama lawyers make new claims that judge’s ruling interferes with detentions in Afghanistan…..    New outrageous behavior from government lawyers, who were silent during trial and temporary injunction, now claiming damage to US ability to hold prisoners at Parwan;  PBC explains they brought this on themselves.

–new teen terrorist case in Chicago, with the usual FBI informant who supplied the explosives

–more green-on-blue attacks kill NATO soldiers in Afghanistan

–events in Benghazi still unclear, as our UN ambassdor claims they were “spontaneous”

–maker of video was methhead, mortgage fraudster who became govt informant

–Netanyahu in US, stirs up more trouble with demand to set date to attack Iran

–Japan and France move to reduce–but not eliminate–nuclear power plants

–budget cutting takes hostages, White House announces some targets

–Wisconsin judge overturns much of union-busting law