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PBC News & Comment Monday, September 24

White House, in unusual move, gives names of 50 Gitmo prisoners cleared for release; riots at Foxconn factory in China....--French employees of Apple plan protests in support of Foxconn workers

--MEK is removed from State Dept. terrorist list, after lobbying by well-connected Beltway bandits of both parties;  if the NDAA were invoked, these people would be locked up;  NBC reports MEK has helped assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists

--UN General Assemly draws Iran's Ahmadinijad and Israel's Netanyahu, who is campaigning for Romney while in the US

--Gareth Porter breaks news: Iranian diplomat offered to stop uranium enrichment at 20% if sanctions are lifted

--60 Minutes interviews Romney and Obama in same show

--Ralph Reed, discredited evangelical activist, is redeemed and has $12 million to support Romney

--Sunday's NY Times has long recap of our exit from Iraq, reports we tried to dump Maliki for Allawi

--Prof. Juan Cole blogs criticism of Bill Maher's "blood libel" of Muslims, as PBC mentions news article where new Egyptian leader is labelled "Islamist"

--a letter from Gov. Don Siegelman in prison