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PBC News & Comment Monday, September 24

White House, in unusual move, gives names of 50 Gitmo prisoners cleared for release; riots at Foxconn factory in China….–French employees of Apple plan protests in support of Foxconn workers

–MEK is removed from State Dept. terrorist list, after lobbying by well-connected Beltway bandits of both parties;  if the NDAA were invoked, these people would be locked up;  NBC reports MEK has helped assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists

–UN General Assemly draws Iran’s Ahmadinijad and Israel’s Netanyahu, who is campaigning for Romney while in the US

–Gareth Porter breaks news: Iranian diplomat offered to stop uranium enrichment at 20% if sanctions are lifted

60 Minutes interviews Romney and Obama in same show

–Ralph Reed, discredited evangelical activist, is redeemed and has $12 million to support Romney

–Sunday’s NY Times has long recap of our exit from Iraq, reports we tried to dump Maliki for Allawi

–Prof. Juan Cole blogs criticism of Bill Maher’s “blood libel” of Muslims, as PBC mentions news article where new Egyptian leader is labelled “Islamist”

–a letter from Gov. Don Siegelman in prison