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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, September 25

Greg Palast, in excerpt from our in-depth interview, talks about how Wisconsin became a swing state: voter suppression…..–Glenn Greenwald, now writing for the Guardian, has two recent columns you should read, on the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group, and on the real impact of our drones in Pakistan

–Obama gives UN speech, avoids the Bibi trap as he spins the weak support of the US for “Arab spring” democracy groups

–Iran’s Ahmadinijad has new way to tweak Israel

–forgot to mention an interesting article by Sibel Edmonds on military ties between Israel and Azerbaijan

–European Court approves extradition of al-Masri to the US

–Pentagon reports increase in drinking and binge drinking by our troops, more Rx abuse, no mention of the local stuff in Afghanistan

S.F. Chronicle conservative columnist whacks Obama over failure to push immigration reform, as he had promised

–Naomi Wolf takes heat for her outspoken politics in reviews of her new book, Vagina, a Biography

–after wrecking California, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought himself a little think tank at USC; new book reveals how he knocked up the housekeeper, who delivered the love child within a week or two of his latest baby with ex-wife Maria Shriver