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PBC News & Comment Tuesday, September 25

Greg Palast, in excerpt from our in-depth interview, talks about how Wisconsin became a swing state: voter suppression.....--Glenn Greenwald, now writing for the Guardian, has two recent columns you should read, on the de-listing of MEK as a terrorist group, and on the real impact of our drones in Pakistan

--Obama gives UN speech, avoids the Bibi trap as he spins the weak support of the US for "Arab spring" democracy groups

--Iran's Ahmadinijad has new way to tweak Israel

--forgot to mention an interesting article by Sibel Edmonds on military ties between Israel and Azerbaijan

--European Court approves extradition of al-Masri to the US

--Pentagon reports increase in drinking and binge drinking by our troops, more Rx abuse, no mention of the local stuff in Afghanistan

--S.F. Chronicle conservative columnist whacks Obama over failure to push immigration reform, as he had promised

--Naomi Wolf takes heat for her outspoken politics in reviews of her new book, Vagina, a Biography

--after wrecking California, Arnold Schwarzenegger bought himself a little think tank at USC; new book reveals how he knocked up the housekeeper, who delivered the love child within a week or two of his latest baby with ex-wife Maria Shriver