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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, September 26

Wow! Sen. Feinstein opposes attack on Iran, regrets her vote to invade Iraq; Iran announces it has a drone, and sends toy drone to Obama


--read the Feinstein interview here

--Stanford/NYU study of drone deaths in Pakistan estimates 49 civilians killed for each terrorist slain

--Julian Assange speaks to UN General Assembly via video

--H. Clinton now says Libya assault linked to al Qaeda offshoot

--US airlines bagged $ 1.7 billion in baggage fees during first half of 2012

--California Gov. Brown should veto bill that bars public utilities commission from regulating internet phone service

--Brown signed bill approving robotic cars on California roads

--former cop who set up people for "dirty DUI's" gets 8 years

--ex-gang member John Edward Smith exonerated, set free after 19 years in California prisons