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PBC News & Comment Thursday, September 27

US troops are back in Iraq–and NY Times buries the news!  Bibi stumps for Mitt at UN as Israel’s Foreign Ministry calls for more Iran sanctionsCredit due to Lori Price and the news service of Citizens for Legitimate Government for finding the buried item about deployment of US special forces to Iraq

–Netanyahu uses a cartoon in his UN speech to illustrate Iran’s threat of a nuclear weapon

–Israeli Foreign Ministry calls for more sanctions, inferring that a military strike is not called for

–riots in Athens as more austerity is imposed; Spain announces more austerity, girds for response

–Neocon Max Boot and pal offer disingenuous praise for Obama as they try to advance Romeny attacks about Syria

–Neocons push Romney to embrace torture, and the Bishop says he would overturn Obama’s announced ban on torture

–former head of FDIC, Sheila Bair, whacks Geithner and his bankster buddies over the bailouts, in her new book

–Senate Dems ask for halt to oil drilling in Arctic

–Steve Horn at DeSmogBlog reveals that state-level regulation of oil and gas drilling is almost nonexistant

–Wichita abortion clinic to reopen

–UC Davis students who were pepper sprayed for protesting get $30,000 each

–new Facebook app illustrates Obama’s detention law–you can detain your friends without trial or charge; click here