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Ford Greene, Attorney and Moonie De-Programmer, on the Death of Rev. Moon; Gary Chew Reviews ‘The Master’; Maxine Doogan Tells Californians: No on Prop. 35



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Ford Greene, an expert on religious cults including Scientology and the Unification Church, returns to talk about the death of Rev. Moon.  Gary Chew reviews the new film The Master, which is based on the early life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.  Maxine Doogan, a prostitute and activist for sex workers, explains why Prop. 35 is a bad idea.  Greene, once a Moonie himself, talks about the impact of Rev. Moon’s death. We touch on my podcast with Archbishop Stallings in early September, and the spin he put on the cult behaviors of Moon and his followers.  Greene has deprogrammed many Moonies, and sued the church on behalf of former members.  His own sister remains a member of the church.  We talk about the CIA connections of Moon and his underlings, Moon’s role in right wing politics in the US, including his operation of the Washington Times.  Greene also speculates about the future of the business empire and Moon’s brainwashed followers.  While Green has not seen The Master yet, he comments on the aggressive legal tactics of Scientology.

At 37:20, film reviewer Gary Chew offers a somewhat cryptic view of The Master, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix.

At 42:30, Maxine Doogan offers some strong argumanets against California Prop. 35, which increases penalties for human trafficking and has many unintended consequences.  Doogan is a prostitute and advocate for sex workers who founded a nonprofit to serve their interests, and is the lead opponent of Prop 35. The ballot measure is almost entirely funded by former Facebook attorney Chris Kelly, and has drawn sharp criticism from lawyers and newspaper editorial boards..