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PBC News & Comment Wednesday, October 24

California Voter Special:  PBC’s analysis and picks for 11 ballot measures on November 6 ballot: it’s a Ball of Confusion!Many personal friends and listeners have asked for my comments on the 11 ballot initiatives the California voters face this November.  While I have studied them all carefully, they are complicated, and in some cases quite deceptive. Click here for an objective information source.  Here is a quick summary, with starting times for each of the propositions:

open         Props 30 and 38, tax increases

Prop 30: Governor’s tax increase               Yes

Prop 38: Munger tax for education            Yes, w/reservations

16:22  Prop 31: 2-year state budget                  No

19:45  Prop 32: “paycheck protection”            No

22:53  Prop 33: auto insurance                          No

24:42  Prop 34: end death penalty                    Yes

28:53  Prop 35: human trafficking                     No

33:53  Prop 36: amend 3 Strikes law                 Yes

38:33  Prop 37: GMO food labeling                    Yes

42:30  Prop 39:  corporate tax fairness           Yes

44:28  Prop 40: approve redistricting              Yes

I do tell people to vote, but not how to vote.  Thanks for considering my views!