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One on One with Colorful Globetrotting Reporter Pepe Escobar–Don’t Miss This One!



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Our favorite globetrotting reporter, Pepe Escobar, joins us in-studio for the first time, and shares his encyclopedic knowledge on many issues.Escobar, who writes for the online publication Asia Times, was in the Bay Area as he roams the west in advance of our November 6 elections.  He watched the final Obama-Romney debate with your humble host, and our wide-ranging conversation is framed around topics that were discussed at the debate, and many that were omitted.

We largely focus on Iran, which was mentioned 45 times by the candidates, and Romney’s “me-too” message as Obama dominated the exchange and reeled off many zingers.  Escobar found Romney to be quite rehearsed, but his limited knowledge was evident–such as his statement that Iran needed to go through Syria to reach the sea–apparently he is geographically challenged.  He also is sharply critical of Obama, referencing Dirty Harry and “punks”.  He called out the myth of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and the many “red lines” that were embraced along with healthy doses of American exceptionalism by both men.

We discussed this circumscribed presentation, enabled by the lame moderator, Bob Schieffer, which never addressed the blowback from America’s expanded military actions, particularly the odd way that Schieffer raised the use of drones (but not targeted killing) in a way that gave Obama a pass.

We also touch on the new film, Argo, and Escobar peppers his comments with literary and pop culture references.

Pepe Escobar provides powerful insight and his unique voice based on his world travels, and delivers important perpectives on America by an outsider.