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Boiling Frogs: Eric Draitser Details Austerity Programs in Europe, and What Austerity Looks Like in US



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Eric Draitser, who is now a regular contributor to Boiling Frogs Post, on the deadly impacts of economic austerity programs in Europe, coming soon to the United States.

Eric Draitser joins us to define and discuss austerity, what austerity looks like in the US, the fact that austerity is the consensus of both parties, why an anti-austerity movement is essential in the US, and helps us connect what’s happening here to Greece, Italy, and Spain. Mr. Draitser talks about the deception of Obama on austerity–selling out his base and all progressives, Romney & Ryan as the bringers of death for many, possible solutions–including his recent activities organizing an anti-austerity movement in New York City, and more! He has organized a conference in NYC on October 27 for the United Front Against Austerity starting at noon at 56 Walker Street–just off Broadway–and 2 blocks north of Canal Street.


draitserEric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City. He is a partner producer at Boiling Frogs Post, and the editor and host of and the Stop Imperialism podcast. He has provided analysis for Russia Today, Dr. Webster Tarpley’s World Crisis Radio and other programs.