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PBC News & Comment Thursday, October 25

Obama’s expanded, revamped terror war expected to continue for 10 more years–Washington Post reveals new “disposition matrix”…..Chilling disclosures in this lengthy article in October 23 Washington Post: even as Obama claims to have “decimated” al Qaeda” in the final debate, unnamed administration officials say it has “metasticized” and have developed the new “matrix” to extend the Kill or Kill program well into the future, well beyond any authorization from 2001.

–AP reveals that emails from Benghazi to White House two hours after the attack on 9/11/12 make no mention of “spontaneous” start to the assault on the consulate

–PBC is still upset over guilty plea by John Kiriakou for blowing the whistle on CIA torture plan

–clip from new interview with Pepe Escobar, journalist for Asia Times, regarding the final Obama-Romney debate and the strange way that moderator Bob Schiffer asked about drones

–election manipulation tactics of GOP continue to surface, as Thin Progress smears Brad Friedman of BradBlog for expressing concern that voting machine company Hart Intercivic is now controlled by ex-Bain employees and others

–GOP voter registration violator in Virginia is getting protection from Virginia’s GOP Attorney General

–in a break from the corporate media pack, PBSNewshour covers housing crisis as an issued being ignored by both major parties, and covers debate by third-party candidates

–“Justice” Dept. files $1 billion dollar suit against Bank of America’s Countrywide mortgage lender

–in a backroom deal, former Sen. George Mitchell is appointed mediator in penalties against P G & E; PBC says he should step down