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PBC News & Comment Friday, October 25

Hoooray! TSA quietly replacing intrusive body scanners at 7 airports; plus, billionaires in trouble all over the world, starting in Italy....    --former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gets 4 years for tax fraud, and the "bunga bunga" charges of sex with underage prostitute haven't reached a climax

--NY Times delivers lengthy expose' of the wealth of family members of China's prime minister: Commie millionaires!

--blood on the floors of Citigroup executive suites: the brutal sacking of CEO Vikram Pandit, and today's firing of an exec for the bungled Facebook IPO

--two groups of CEO's signal approval of tax increases as part of deficit reduction plans, undercutting Romney and House GOP/Tea Party leaders

--Harvard Biz School polled CEO's, who are pessimistic about recovery--PBC says "they should know--they are sitting on trillions in cash"

--presidential campaigns hit obscene new level: $2 billion plus this year

--in Michagan, Labor fights back with ballot measure to protect collective bargaining rights in state constitution, thumbing noses at ALEC

--Pentagon's Panetta offers new explanations regarding Benghazi attack, still unexplained is Susan Rice's continued claim that it was "spontaneous"

--Follow-up 1: Brad Friedman satirizes the smear from Think Progress earlier this week; read it here

--Follow-up 2:  former Sen. George Mitchell does the right thing, offers to withdraw as mediator in claims against rogue utility P G & E for 2010 gas pipeline explosion

--back to Italy, where a court bizzarrely convicted scientists and a government official for failing to predict a deadly earthquake