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PBC News & Comment Monday, October 29

S.F. Giants sweep Detroit to win World Series in 4, no fraud reported; major threats of  fraud overshadow presidential election...   

--lots of thrilled baseball fans--and even people like me--rejoice over second championship in 3 years

--Brad Friedman of Bradblog gives us one more look at the myriad GOP efforts to manipulate the Nov. 6 election, as NBC's Chuck Todd and lib think tank smear election protection activists

--Reagan's budget director, David Stockman, exposes Romney's vulture capitalism, as Stockman admits he's a vulture himself

--listener Jeff Zaiser has new YouTube opus about Bishop Mitt, all factual, set to "Achy Breaky Heart".  Watch the video, and sing along, here.

--NY Times Sunday editorial endorses Obama as it trashes Romney, PBC agrees with the latter (day saints?)

--NY Times opinionists Friedman and Kristof lower the boom on hypocritical "pro-lifers"

--one more from the Gray Lady: strong Monday editorial on the last chance to challenge illegal wiretapping at Supreme Court

--Sandy bullies East Coast, as West Coast ducks a tsunami threat

--protests in China actually seem to cause government to halt dirty chemical plant construction