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Brad Friedman’s Final Pre-Election Update on Possibilities for Election Fraud, and Backbiting from the Side of Potential Victims; Gary Chew Reviews ‘Cloud Atlas’



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Brad Friedman of Bradblog returns for one more pre-election interview, commenting on recent coverage of election issues and smears from establishment types;  Gary Chew tells us about Cloud Atlas.We open with Friedman’s comments on this series in Britain’s Progressive magazine, based on statistical analysis by retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho.  Duniho says the numbers show that Romney benefits from votes flipped by GOP opponents in the primary, and possibly Obama on Nov. 6.  Most of the flipping occurs in large precincts, and can produce a swing of up to 10%, he argues.

We talk about Prof. Mark Crispin Miller’s renewed challenge to Sen. John Kerry to publicly state that he won in 2004, and warn about election fraud this year, and how Democrats try to downplay election fraud potentials, as the chatter may discourage voters from turning out.

Brad has quite a story about the recent smear leveled against him as “floating a conspiracy theory” by the Think Progress blog of the Center for American Progress, his exchange with editor Judd Legum, who refused to correct or apologize for the inaccuracy, and the parody Friedman wrote of the TP report.

Friedman also remarks on the recent report on election vulnerabilities by Victoria Collier in Harper’s, and Jane Mayer’s profile of GOP election hack Hans von Spakovsky in The New Yorker.

At 1:02:20, Gary Chew reviews Cloud Atlas.