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10 Years Ago, CIA Bungled Kidnap Caper in Milan; BORDC Lawyer Nadia Kayyali on Domestic Use of Drones



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Journalist Steve Hendricks returns to talk about the botched rendition of Abu Omar from the streets of Milan in February, 2003;  attorney Nadia Kayyali from Bill of Rights Defense Committee reports on local opposition to drones and the NDAA detention law.  Hendricks is the author of an important book: A Kidnapping in Milan–The CIA on Trial, which details the “covert” operation that kidnapped Abu Omar from the streets of Milan in 2003.  He returns to comment on how little things have changed under Obama, and our government’s continued refusal to cooperate with Italian prosecutors and courts–which have convicted 26 Americans in absentia.  Last week,  two of Italy’s top spies were sentenced to long jail terms for aiding the Americans.  Hendricks comments on the lack of prosecution in the US for this failed operation, the timid questioning of John Brennan at his CIA confirmation hearing, and the leaked memo justifiying drone strikes that kill American citizens.  For more information, click here for the Hendricks website.

At about 40:40, we talk with Nadia Kayalli about last week’s hearing in Alameda County, regarding the Sheriff’s desire to use small surveillance drones.  She reports that almost all speakers from the public oppose their use, and how federal dollars seduce local government into militarizing local law enforcement.  We discuss reports that drones were used in the manhunt for ex-LA cop Chris Dorner, and how small, unarmed drones would be used in Alameda County–and possibly Oakland, which is the county seat.  Kayalli also reports on a resolution introduced to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors which blocks cooperation of the SF police department in federal actions that could lock up a suspect under NDAA.  Get active–visit BORDC here.