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PBC News & Comment: Vatican Old Boy Network Picks New Pope

Cardinal Bergoglia of Argentina, nom-du-guerre “Francis I”, is first Latin American, first Jesuit to become Pope; takes helm of sinking ship….and on this same day, Los Angeles archdiocese agrees to $9.99 million payout in 4 sex abuse cases, but admits no wrongdoing

–US military sex scandals continue, as we learn that the shooter who reportedly killed 2 cops in Santa Cruz was allowed to leave the military after 2 rape charges, and an Air Force general has overturned the rape conviction of a fighter pilot

–in private meeting, at least one Dem senator is reported to ask tough questions of Obama about drones and killing programs

–Andy Worthington, journalist and regular contributor here, is featured in “Debate Club” at US News & World Report arguing in favor of court trial (instead of military commissions) and federal prison (instead of Guantanamo) for the latest suspect, bin Laden’s son-in-law

–Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces constitutional amendment to void Citizens United

–Gen. Keith Alexander runs NSA and Cyber Command, says we will defend our networks with cyber war offensives

–Reuters reports new plan to collect all of our financial data to protect us from terrorists

–rumor mill says Koch Brothers are mulling a bid for Tribune Company; Sam Zell is the vulture capitalist I was trying to remember

–just as your humble host is trying to schedule an interview with Detroit reporter Charlie LeDuff, we learn that he picked a fight at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, explaing the silence of his publicist

–it’s over 80 degrees F at the secret studio today, as we read report on big spike in our planet’s temperature