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PBC News & Comment: Tough Questions for New Pope About the Past

As corporate media gush over new pope, journalist Robert Parry asks some tough questions about 30,000 killed in Argentina in 1970's.....US-backed dictator "disappeared" thousands, including bishops and priests, but Catholic leaders were silent

--Senate Judiciary Committee passes assault weapons ban, which faces uncertain prospects for passage

--Colorado judge is considering forcing Aurora shooting suspect James Holms to take a "truth drug" to see if he is really crazy

--Obama's Energy Dept. nominee, MIT professor Ernest Moniz, is big supporter of nuclear power and fracking, see report here

--Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog has two new reports: one on a model bill in Florida linked to ALEC and another group that enable industry self-regulation;  and another on industry ties of the group that did the recently released report on Keystone XL pipeline

--Senate hearing features victims of sex crimes in the military: shocking report that 55% of victims are male

--new report summarizes FBI "domestic terrorism" cases that all feature paid informant/provacateur

--Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms 25-year sentence in Lodi mosque case, based on paid FBI informant

--University of California imposes $60 fee on students, to pay for refunds to students who were overcharged