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PBC News & Comment: Tough Questions for New Pope About the Past

As corporate media gush over new pope, journalist Robert Parry asks some tough questions about 30,000 killed in Argentina in 1970’s…..US-backed dictator “disappeared” thousands, including bishops and priests, but Catholic leaders were silent

–Senate Judiciary Committee passes assault weapons ban, which faces uncertain prospects for passage

–Colorado judge is considering forcing Aurora shooting suspect James Holms to take a “truth drug” to see if he is really crazy

–Obama’s Energy Dept. nominee, MIT professor Ernest Moniz, is big supporter of nuclear power and fracking, see report here

–Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog has two new reports: one on a model bill in Florida linked to ALEC and another group that enable industry self-regulation;  and another on industry ties of the group that did the recently released report on Keystone XL pipeline

–Senate hearing features victims of sex crimes in the military: shocking report that 55% of victims are male

–new report summarizes FBI “domestic terrorism” cases that all feature paid informant/provacateur

–Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms 25-year sentence in Lodi mosque case, based on paid FBI informant

–University of California imposes $60 fee on students, to pay for refunds to students who were overcharged