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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Gratuitous Giveaway on Social Security

We bring you reaction from progressives: Rep. Alan Grayson, Rep. Keith Ellison, and Norman Solomon on Obama’s new budget proposal…and your humble host’s not a happy camper, either!  He also slams Congress for creating a false fiscal crisis at the Post Office, then preventing cuts to Saturday delivery.

–you’ll hear an excerpt from the in-depth interview with filmmaker Jean Phillippe Tremblay about his new documentary on US corporate media, Shadows of Liberty

–Anthony Wiener, the congressman who mis-tweeted, is thinking about running for New York mayor

–San Francisco Housing Authority finally fires embattled director Alvarez

–freshman Congressman Eric Swalwell takes safe, but misguided, shot at TSA’s relaxation of carry-on rules

–FBI has launched investigation of leaked tape of Mitch McConnell campaign meeting, as GOP thunders about “illegal wiretapping”