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PBC News & Comment: 22-foot Gash in Leaky Pipeline in Arkansas

Exxon-Mobil's Pegasus pipeline has 22-foot gash that spewed tar sands goo in Arkansas; media coverage is "privilege" at Manning's leak trial....George Clinton's "Leakin'" opens the show today, as latest from WikiLeaks proves that US spent millions to take down Hugo Chavez

--read Steve Horn's report on the Pegasus pipeline spill here

--at Manning court martial, judge rules in Manning's favor on evidence standard, then agrees to let Seal Team 6 member to testify

--McClatchy's Jonathan Landay breaks important story that contradicts Obama and Brennan claims about drone strikes

--Defense Intelligence Agency finding, leaked by GOP congressman, says North Korea has nuke small enough to put on a missile

--as military cracks down on sex crimes, commanders can override convictions; some propose to change that

--looks like Mitch McConnell tape was recorded from the hallway by Democratic activists

--new Treasury boss Jack Lew has been to China and Europe, is trying to block stock transaction tax in Euro zone

--federal judge rules that prisoner lawsuit in California may proceed, challenging isolation cells

--a different federal judge rejected California's claims that it has fixed inmate health care, continues receivership

--since November election modified 3 Strikes law in California, 240 people have been released