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PBC News & Comment: 22-foot Gash in Leaky Pipeline in Arkansas

Exxon-Mobil’s Pegasus pipeline has 22-foot gash that spewed tar sands goo in Arkansas; media coverage is “privilege” at Manning’s leak trial….George Clinton’s “Leakin'” opens the show today, as latest from WikiLeaks proves that US spent millions to take down Hugo Chavez

–read Steve Horn’s report on the Pegasus pipeline spill here

–at Manning court martial, judge rules in Manning’s favor on evidence standard, then agrees to let Seal Team 6 member to testify

–McClatchy’s Jonathan Landay breaks important story that contradicts Obama and Brennan claims about drone strikes

–Defense Intelligence Agency finding, leaked by GOP congressman, says North Korea has nuke small enough to put on a missile

–as military cracks down on sex crimes, commanders can override convictions; some propose to change that

–looks like Mitch McConnell tape was recorded from the hallway by Democratic activists

–new Treasury boss Jack Lew has been to China and Europe, is trying to block stock transaction tax in Euro zone

–federal judge rules that prisoner lawsuit in California may proceed, challenging isolation cells

–a different federal judge rejected California’s claims that it has fixed inmate health care, continues receivership

–since November election modified 3 Strikes law in California, 240 people have been released