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PBC News & Comment: Little People, Pay Your Taxes!

As tax filing deadline looms, report says Obamas paid 18% rate; 10 “chained CPI” facts the White House doesn’t want you to know….Senate dodges filibuster on gun legislation, but with NRA at Joe Manchin’s table, and conservaDems up in 2014, don’t expect much

–you can read the 10 facts about chained CPI here

–EPA hearing focuses on secret email accounts, not critical policy

–ZuckPAC is launced by Facebook founder and Silicon Valley tech titans, first goal is more H1-B visas in immigration reform

–Jim Steyer is the Democratic billionaire who is dropping money in elections like the Senate race in Massachusetts

–Robin Kelly wins Jesse Jackson Jr. House seat in Chicago, greased by millions from Bloomberg

–federal court orders California to comply with earlier order to reduce prison population

–comedian Jonathan Winters dies at 87, we play his “flying saucer” bit from the 1960’s