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PBC News & Comment: Boston Bombing Reminder to Media: Get it Right!

Corporate media compete to cover/exploit Boston Marathon bombing; PBC says, "better to get it right than get it first" we scrimp to pay the IRS on Tax Day, here's a list of 16 hugely profitable corporations that paid no taxes

--Carnival cruise line refuses to pay $800,000 for rescue of ship in Gulf of Mexico, despite $12 billion in profits

--"Gitmo is killing me", writes Yemeni in NY Times op-ed

--Gitmo prisoners fight back with broomsticks as guards force them into single cells

--Jason Leopold starts new "Gitmo Update" feature at Truthout

--Leopold's occasional reporting partner, Dr. Jeff Kaye, has an important story about a Saudi man being held at a supermax prison in Colorado

--Steve Horn reports that the firm Witt O'Brien's is handling the tar sands pipeline spill in Arkansas, and they have a bad record

--Exxon's major spill in Mayflower, Arkansas is not "oil", so it has not been paying into a federal oil pipeline spill fund

--Horn is co-author of this report from Truthout about connections between University of Wisconsin/Madison and a new university in Kazakhstan

--California Gov. Jerry Brown first says he will fight federal control of state prisons, then says he will make a plan to comply with order to reduce prison population: is this "Willie Horton" insurance?

--with supermajorities in both houses of the California legislature, Dems have rare opportunity to fix Prop 13

--podcast listener Mike Roper, a taxi driver in NYC, has novel idea for recruiting new subscribers

--Horn also just published this story