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Environmental Photographer Garth Lenz Gives a Canadian Perspective on Alberta Tar Sands and KeystoneXL Pipeline



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Garth Lenz, a Canadian environmental photographer, shares his knowledge of the devastation of Alberta by tar sands extraction, and the risks of the Keystone XL pipeline.Lenz has published a book of his photos of the Boreal forests, wetlands and river delta in Alberta that are being damaged by tar sands extraction, and he hosted a Ted talk that’s been widely viewed on YouTube that offers many important warnings to Americans about tar sands oil and its transport via pipelines, including the Keystone XL.

Lenz also helps us understand Canadian politics, which veered from their support of the Kyoto accords to aggressive tar sands development, as well as the economic factors.

You can see some of his impressive photos and link to the Ted video here.