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Prof. Nick Johnson, FCC Commissioner, Slams Obama’s Pick to Chair FCC; Gary Chew on “ALEC” Documentary, Will Durst Loves Drones



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Former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson criticizes Obama’s choice of lobbyist Tom Wheeler to chair FCC;  film reviewer Gary Chew tells us about the new Bill Moyers documentary about ALEC;  Will Durst has a very funny commentary about the wonderful world of drones.Johnson was appointed to the Federal Communications Commission by LBJ in 1966 and served until 1973.  He has written many books, and teaches law at the Iowa School of Law.  His blog is here.  He offers blistering criticism of Tom Wheeler, nominated to chair the FCC.  Wheeler has been a lobbyist for the cable TV industry and headed a trade group for the wireless phone industry, both of which are regulated by the FCC.  He was a “bundler” of contributions to Obama’s campaigns.

We also talk about the need for media reform and the failures of the FCC to require broadcasters to offer diverse viewpoints, the Fairness Doctrine that was repealed in 1987, and a number of other issues.

At  41:41,   Gary Chew reviews the new documentary about the American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC), produced by Bill Moyers and Common Cause.

And at 45:40, Will Durst offers a side-splitting pitch for the wonderful world of drones.