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PBC News & Comment: Corrupt Judges Go to Prison!

Pennsylvania's "cash for kids" judge gets 28 years for taking bribes to send juveniles to private prison, now that's justice! Michigan, ex-Supreme Court justice gets 1 year term for mortgage fraud.

--Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to StratFor hack, admits to other hacks, faces 10 year prison term

--Dan Ellsberg advocates for Bradley Manning in this op-ed

--Rep. Michele Bachman is leaving Congress

--Rep. Paul Ryan infers that GOP plans more brinksmanship over budget

--despite Obama's pledge for more transparency, White House dances around report of drone strike killing #2 leader of Pakistani Taliban

--NY Archbishop Dolan, who went ballistic over birth control benefits in Obamacare, is revealed as major hypocrite--the diocese has been paying for contraception and abortion coverage for some employees for over 10 years

--Supreme Court denies appeal from Indiana, invalidating law that tried to de-fund Planned Parenthood

--Colorado enacts laws to regulate legalized pot, Congress needs to revise federal laws to permit states rights

--more bad bolts on $6.5 billion Bay Bridge span

--PBC finds Facebook users more likely to comment on boobs than on important topics of news & politics