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PBC News & Comment: Corrupt Judges Go to Prison!

Pennsylvania’s “cash for kids” judge gets 28 years for taking bribes to send juveniles to private prison, now that’s justice!…in Michigan, ex-Supreme Court justice gets 1 year term for mortgage fraud.

–Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to StratFor hack, admits to other hacks, faces 10 year prison term

–Dan Ellsberg advocates for Bradley Manning in this op-ed

–Rep. Michele Bachman is leaving Congress

–Rep. Paul Ryan infers that GOP plans more brinksmanship over budget

–despite Obama’s pledge for more transparency, White House dances around report of drone strike killing #2 leader of Pakistani Taliban

–NY Archbishop Dolan, who went ballistic over birth control benefits in Obamacare, is revealed as major hypocrite–the diocese has been paying for contraception and abortion coverage for some employees for over 10 years

–Supreme Court denies appeal from Indiana, invalidating law that tried to de-fund Planned Parenthood

–Colorado enacts laws to regulate legalized pot, Congress needs to revise federal laws to permit states rights

–more bad bolts on $6.5 billion Bay Bridge span

–PBC finds Facebook users more likely to comment on boobs than on important topics of news & politics