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PBC News & Comment: Is Obama’s Pick for FBI Boss Worse than Mueller?

Obama names Republican James Comey, who was John Ashcroft's #2 at "Justice" Dept. to head the FBI, another bad pick.....Comey had a moment of courage when he refused to sign a document to legalize illegal wiretapping, but otherwise, he's part of the problem.

--Chechen father of man killed by FBI agents in Orlando says his son was unarmed and outnumbered, was shot 6 times to the body and once to the back of the head

--"Ricin letters" to Bloomberg and Obama contain harmless powder

--Sen. Boxer (D-CA) rips Southern California Edison for suppressing info about restarting twin San Onofre nuke reactors

--Chinese accused of hacking US military secrets, but we never acknowledge our cyberwarfare activities

--more troubling efforts to withhold public information about the shooting at Sandy Hook school last December

--California legislature approves earthquake warning system