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PBC News & Comment: A.G. Holder Tries to Mend Fences with Media Over Illegal Spying

The chilling effect of spying on reporters is irreversible–they must expect that First Amendment rights are now optional….And nomination of Comey to run FBI signals continuity, not change.

–FBI investigating ricin letters, one set is confirmed to contain poison

–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Prof. Vincanne Adams of UCSF talks about New Orleans, and the privatized relief programs after Katrina

–part 1 of our latest interview package is a conversation with Lt. Col Darrell Vandeveld, who resigned in protest as a Gitmo prosecutor, and talks about his difficult experience defending a soldier convicted of killing 5 other American troops

–at the same base, Fort Lewis-McChord, Sgt. Robert Bales has taken a guilty plea in a questionable case of killing Afghan civilians

–Mansour Arbabsiar gets 25 years in cartoon terror plot that does not pass a basic smell test

–FBI floats new version of the incident in Orlando where an agent shot and killed Chechen suspect

–CAIR demands investigation of Orlando killing

–Taliban responds to drone strike by pulling out of peace talks

–California’s death penalty will remain on hold as legal wrangling continues