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PBC News & Comment: A.G. Holder Tries to Mend Fences with Media Over Illegal Spying

The chilling effect of spying on reporters is irreversible--they must expect that First Amendment rights are now optional....And nomination of Comey to run FBI signals continuity, not change.

--FBI investigating ricin letters, one set is confirmed to contain poison

--in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Prof. Vincanne Adams of UCSF talks about New Orleans, and the privatized relief programs after Katrina

--part 1 of our latest interview package is a conversation with Lt. Col Darrell Vandeveld, who resigned in protest as a Gitmo prosecutor, and talks about his difficult experience defending a soldier convicted of killing 5 other American troops

--at the same base, Fort Lewis-McChord, Sgt. Robert Bales has taken a guilty plea in a questionable case of killing Afghan civilians

--Mansour Arbabsiar gets 25 years in cartoon terror plot that does not pass a basic smell test

--FBI floats new version of the incident in Orlando where an agent shot and killed Chechen suspect

--CAIR demands investigation of Orlando killing

--Taliban responds to drone strike by pulling out of peace talks

--California's death penalty will remain on hold as legal wrangling continues