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Former Spook Supports Leaker: Ray McGovern on Manning Court Martial, and Obama’s Recent National Security Speech

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Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern returns to comment on Day 1 of Bradley Manning’s court martial, and to comment on Obama’s recent speech about drones and Guantanamo.McGovern served in Army intelligence and at the CIA for over 28 years, and was invested with many secrets of our government.  He offers outspoken support for Bradley Manning as the court martial gets under way at Ft. Meade, Maryland.  Read his commentaries here.

He talks about the “collateral damage” video and the other factors that Manning says led him to feed information to WikiLeaks.  McGovern considers Manning a prophet in the tradtion of Abraham, and cites the Book of Isiah as proof that prophets are often out of step with the mainstream.  McGovern offers a moving account of secret, criminal information he learned about the Vietnam war while pledged to secrecy and says “there are a lot of McGoverns” who did not leak, and only a few heroes like Daniel Ellsberg and Manning.  We listen to Obama’s inappropriate 2011 comment that Manning “broke the law”, and speculate on Manning’s choice of a non-jury trial.

Then Ray uncorks comments on Obama’s May 23 speech about drones and Guantanamo, and calls the president a “wuss” for failing to show real leadership in ending the  endless “war on terror” and closing Guantanamo.