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PBC News & Comment: Bradley Manning “Was Hoping to Make the World a Better Place”

Unprecedented court martial of admitted WikiLeaker Pvt. Bradley Manning finally gets underway at Fort Meade; prosecutor seeks life sentence....NY Times runs unusual "book review" by Julian Assange, who criticizes Google and its former CEO, Eric Schmidt

--Today's San Francisco Chronicle reveals that the same Eric Schmidt played a major role in Obama's re-election campaign last year, and has bankrolled a new company with the campaign's digital team

--glaring contradictions remain in FBI's shifting story on the death in Orlando of Chechen Todashev

--protests spread in Turkey, challenging Erdogan's rule

--Senate Dems voted to cut food stamps, we name names

--Senate Dems voted to block Sanders' GMO label bill

--Senate loses one Democratic vote as New Jersey's Lautenberg dies

--a Yemeni journalist named Shaye says Obama is personally responsible for his kidnapping and imprisonment

--TSA says Backscatter airport X-ray machines have all be removed

--Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour lays false premise in interview with Fed exec, says borrowers and consumers tanked the economy in '08