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PBC News & Comment: Bradley Manning “Was Hoping to Make the World a Better Place”

Unprecedented court martial of admitted WikiLeaker Pvt. Bradley Manning finally gets underway at Fort Meade; prosecutor seeks life sentence….NY Times runs unusual “book review” by Julian Assange, who criticizes Google and its former CEO, Eric Schmidt

–Today’s San Francisco Chronicle reveals that the same Eric Schmidt played a major role in Obama’s re-election campaign last year, and has bankrolled a new company with the campaign’s digital team

–glaring contradictions remain in FBI’s shifting story on the death in Orlando of Chechen Todashev

–protests spread in Turkey, challenging Erdogan’s rule

–Senate Dems voted to cut food stamps, we name names

–Senate Dems voted to block Sanders’ GMO label bill

–Senate loses one Democratic vote as New Jersey’s Lautenberg dies

–a Yemeni journalist named Shaye says Obama is personally responsible for his kidnapping and imprisonment

–TSA says Backscatter airport X-ray machines have all be removed

–Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour lays false premise in interview with Fed exec, says borrowers and consumers tanked the economy in ’08