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Kevin Gozstola of FireDogLake Recaps Week 2 of Bradley Manning Trial

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Reporter Kevin Gozstola of FireDogLake returns to recap the events of the second week of the Manning court martial;  Will Durst talks about the NSA leaks.Gozstola describes another 3-day week at Fort Meade, starting with the court’s approval of the crowd-sourced stenographer.  We talk about “stipulated” testimony that is submitted in writing, in place of live witness testimony, as one reason the trial went faster than expected.

The defense seems to have successfully challenged the timeline of leaks presented by the prosecution, and that a charge related to a video that WikiLeaks never released may be dropped.

There was also an interesting exchange about the AUP, or Acceptable Use Policy, as the prosecutor tried to submit a sample form as evidence, since it seems they cannot locate the one signed by Manning.

Gozstola also offers his views of the leaks from Ed Snowden, and argues that all of the PRISM powerpoint slides should be released.

Will Durst pops in near the end with his comments on the NSA leaks.