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PBC News & Comment: Egyptian Military Forces Out President Morsi; in US, More Surveillance Exposed

Will Muslim Brotherhood yield to the generals without a fight? In US, Postal Service is scanning every letter & package….and border drones were “loaned” 250 times last year for other uses.

–James Clapper regrets his “erroneous statement” under oath, but most in Washington dare not call him a liar

–in an excerpt from our in-depth interview with Steve Horn, he talks about Obama and the Keystone XL pipeline

–Bolivia protests America’s heavy-handed orders to European governments to block airspace to a plane carrying Bolivia’s presidente–wrongly accused of letting Ed Snowden stow away.

–Sibel Edmonds has some provocative questions about Glenn Greenwald and the Snowden story

–North Carolina copycats Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin with sharp restrictions on abortion rights, as Ireland tries to pass a law that would permit abortion to save the life of the mother

–White House announces delay to 2015 for controversial mandates in Obamacare, smart political move

–federal judge in San Francisco prods FBI to deliver documents (or better excuses) in Occupy case

–Gov. Jerry Brown relents to federal receiver, will transfer 2,600 prisoners at risk for valley fever out of the Valley