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PBC News & Comment: Egyptian Military Forces Out President Morsi; in US, More Surveillance Exposed

Will Muslim Brotherhood yield to the generals without a fight? In US, Postal Service is scanning every letter & package....and border drones were "loaned" 250 times last year for other uses.

--James Clapper regrets his "erroneous statement" under oath, but most in Washington dare not call him a liar

--in an excerpt from our in-depth interview with Steve Horn, he talks about Obama and the Keystone XL pipeline

--Bolivia protests America's heavy-handed orders to European governments to block airspace to a plane carrying Bolivia's presidente--wrongly accused of letting Ed Snowden stow away.

--Sibel Edmonds has some provocative questions about Glenn Greenwald and the Snowden story

--North Carolina copycats Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin with sharp restrictions on abortion rights, as Ireland tries to pass a law that would permit abortion to save the life of the mother

--White House announces delay to 2015 for controversial mandates in Obamacare, smart political move

--federal judge in San Francisco prods FBI to deliver documents (or better excuses) in Occupy case

--Gov. Jerry Brown relents to federal receiver, will transfer 2,600 prisoners at risk for valley fever out of the Valley