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Reporter Steve Horn Updates Keystone Pipeline, Obama Climate Plan, and More; Podcaster Matt Filipovicz Left More Than His Heart in Ess Eff

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Journalist Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog returns to recap important news on fracking, tar sands, Obama’s climate speech and plan, and the Keystone XL pipeline.  Progressive podcaster Matt Filipowicz on his experience on the streets of  San Francisco.Horn is a great researcher and prolific writer who has published a number of important stories recently, and we try to catch up in this interview.  We open with Horn’s thoughts on the level of awareness of the issues of the Keystone pipeline of the average American.  Then we comment on the president’s recent climate speech and written plan, and Horn notes that although Obama talked carbon reduction by burning less coal, his vision is pro-fracking, pro-nuclear and pro-tar sands extraction.  We discuss the implications of the wobbly standard that Obama added to expected approval of the pipeline, even though it sounded appealing.

Here are links to recent posts by Horn, most of which we touched on in this conversation.

–Duke study on fracking’s water contamination, as EPA drops contamination study in Wyoming, here

–Obama’s standard on Keystone, here

–exact route of Keystone is secret, here

Near the end, we talk about Horn’s coverage of the NATO 3 trial in Chicago, and its similarities to other tainted FBI domestic terrorism cases.  Read his report here.

At 56:44 we talk with podcaster Matt Filipovicz from Boston, who was kind enough not to correct my mangled pronunciation of his name.  We met at Netroots Nation, and I learned that at the end of his visit his car was broken into on a San Francisco street, and he lost all of his podcasting gear.   Check out his podcast (he just had Steve Horn on) here, and if you can send him a few dollars to help cover his loss, your humble host will be much obliged!