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PBC News & Comment: SFO Crash Landing, New Snowden Video Drops

Local angles on fiery crash at San Francisco airport; in month-old video, Snowden accurately predicts his persecution, vilification, spy charges...Did duty-free liquor add to the jet's fire after hard landing?

We bring you key comments from new Snowden video.

--asylum offers from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia represent Gringo backlash for Obama's  move to block European airspace last week

--France submitted to US pressure to block Bolivian plane, and after protesting US spying on France, Le Monde reveals that French government has big domestic surveillance program, too

--NY Times reveals FISA court rulings that use "drunk bus driver" precedent to rationalize broad collection of our communications

--at least 51 dead in Cairo as army shoots protesters following the non-coup supported by US

--all data from bin Laden raid being purged from Pentagon and sent to CIA to maintain zero-proof standard of Zero Dark 30 events.  Read Sibel Edmonds' great commentary here

--Texas Gov. Rick Perry will not run again

--Elliot Spitzer is running again, in NYC's "rehab election"

--$6.5 billion Bay Bridge replacement will not open after Labor Day, due to faulty rods and bolts in the foundation

--brave American challenges the cops at DUI checkpoint, draws flaming idiot the video and read the comments here

--PBC responds to email from listener James K about wrongful convictions