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PBC News & Comment: SFO Crash Landing, New Snowden Video Drops

Local angles on fiery crash at San Francisco airport; in month-old video, Snowden accurately predicts his persecution, vilification, spy charges…Did duty-free liquor add to the jet’s fire after hard landing?

We bring you key comments from new Snowden video.

–asylum offers from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia represent Gringo backlash for Obama’s  move to block European airspace last week

–France submitted to US pressure to block Bolivian plane, and after protesting US spying on France, Le Monde reveals that French government has big domestic surveillance program, too

NY Times reveals FISA court rulings that use “drunk bus driver” precedent to rationalize broad collection of our communications

–at least 51 dead in Cairo as army shoots protesters following the non-coup supported by US

–all data from bin Laden raid being purged from Pentagon and sent to CIA to maintain zero-proof standard of Zero Dark 30 events.  Read Sibel Edmonds’ great commentary here

–Texas Gov. Rick Perry will not run again

–Elliot Spitzer is running again, in NYC’s “rehab election”

–$6.5 billion Bay Bridge replacement will not open after Labor Day, due to faulty rods and bolts in the foundation

–brave American challenges the cops at DUI checkpoint, draws flaming idiot comments….watch the video and read the comments here

–PBC responds to email from listener James K about wrongful convictions