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PBC News & Comment: Senate Hearings Open for Comey FBI Nomination

Obama’s nomination of Republican James Comey for 10-year FBI Director term is one of  worst nominations of  second term…He says waterboarding is torture, but did little to stop it.

–ECHO sues NSA over phone record collection–would Supreme Court overrule the FISA Court?

–federal judge in San Francisco rejects government plea to dismiss wiretapping cases, now that Snowden revelations prove standing

–Irish court rejects US request for arrest warrant for Snowden due to defective filing

–important developments at Manning court martial, as defense files motion to dismiss some charges, plays “collateral murder” video and offers proof that the video was not so secret, and presents witness who described lax security at Manning’s base in Iraq

–federal judge declines request from Gitmo prisoner to end force feeding

–Senate Dems ready vote to curb filibuster abuse

–IRS scandal fizzles, as more evidence shows that conservatives were not the only nonprofit applicants who got extra scrutiny

–Egytian generals speed up election timeline, appoint temporary prime minister

–at least 5 dead in Quebec rail tanker explosion

NY Times editorial understates the squandering of US money on reconstruction in Afghanistan

–huge spikes in radiation levels at Fukushima