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PBC News & Comment: WashPost Dribbles Out Another NSA Slide

Washington Post reveals slide #9 of 41 from NSA powerpoint....interesting, but why was it withheld for a month?    New national poll shows shift against surveillance

--Pakistan issues blistering report on bin Laden, Abottobad raid

--virtually no coverage of Comey confirmation hearings for FBI director

--Maddow skips Comey story, but delivers excellent coverage of hunger strikes in California prisons, and at Guantanamo

--California prisons exposed for sterilization of female prisoners

--federal judge's ruling about force feeding at Gitmo points directly at Obama

--federal judge orders Secret Service toproduce documents about Aaron Swartz

--Tsarnaev pleads not guilty to Boston bombing charges

--Obama threatens to take all troops out of Afghanistan, perhaps before end of 2014

--listener email  from Brian Masi challenges your humble host's bias on the Second Amendment