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PBC News & Comment: WashPost Dribbles Out Another NSA Slide

Washington Post reveals slide #9 of 41 from NSA powerpoint….interesting, but why was it withheld for a month?    New national poll shows shift against surveillance

–Pakistan issues blistering report on bin Laden, Abottobad raid

–virtually no coverage of Comey confirmation hearings for FBI director

–Maddow skips Comey story, but delivers excellent coverage of hunger strikes in California prisons, and at Guantanamo

–California prisons exposed for sterilization of female prisoners

–federal judge’s ruling about force feeding at Gitmo points directly at Obama

–federal judge orders Secret Service toproduce documents about Aaron Swartz

–Tsarnaev pleads not guilty to Boston bombing charges

–Obama threatens to take all troops out of Afghanistan, perhaps before end of 2014

–listener email  from Brian Masi challenges your humble host’s bias on the Second Amendment