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PBC News & Comment: NSA Spooks Give 3-Hop Spin on Capitol Hill

NSA and “Justice” tools face bipartisan anger over surveillance at House Judiciary hearing, WashPost blacks out “3-hop” testimony, Guardian doesn’t….Click here for GoDaddy special offer and 10% off webhosting!

–while The Guardian has an uneven track record, its coverage of House hearing on NSA surveillance included critical info about “3-Hop” collection, which was omitted by Washington Post

–FISA court judge Reggie Walton declassifies Yahoo vs. NSA case

–Electronic Frontier Foundation sues NSA on behalf of Unitarians, challenging phone records collection under 1st Amendment

–excerpt from our interview with independent journalist Russ Baker about many contradictions in Boston bombing story and the FBI killing of Todashev in Florida

–FBI blocks Florida coroner from releasing autopsy of Todashev, killed by FBI agent in Orlando in May

–Boston pols object to Rolling Stone cover photo of Tsarnaev, try to suppress it

–after Dems threaten, GOP allows confirmation of Cordray to consumer protection bureau

–Senate committee asks a few tough questions, but will let Samantha Power glide to confirmation as UN ambassador

–Obamacare rates for NY state unveiled, look very attractive

–in California, PUC changes course and proposes $300 million fine for PG&E over gas pipeline blast and upgrades

–our local sewer manager ran off with $350,000 and has been nabbed in the Phillippines.  Did we use terror laws to track an ordinary thief?