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Investigative Journalist Russ Baker Lays Out Many Lingering Questions, Contradictions and Conflicts in the Investigation of Boston Bombing

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Investigative reporter Russ Baker of discusses his reporting to date on the shifting media and government narratives of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15.We open with the latest news on the investigation of the Boston bombing, the manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers and the many contradictions and unanswered questions that remain.  Read Baker’s excellent reporting here, here and here.

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We open with today’s news from the Boston Globe that the FBI is blocking release of the coroner’s report from the May 22 FBI shooting in Orlando of Ibragim Todashev, a friend of the Tsarnaevs.  The FBI is investigating itself, a process that always delivers a result justifying the shooting.

Then we move to the events of April 15 and the following days, starting with the murky role of security contractor Craft International at the crime scene and the report that a Homeland Security training drill with a script that mirrors the real events had been planned before April.

Baker outlines the conflicting media and law enforcement accounts of the killing of MIT campus cop Collier, the reported carjacking at a convenience store, the confrontation with police where Tamerlan was killed and run over by his little brother, and the manhunt that led to Dzhokar unarmed in a trailered boat in Watertown–where TV news attempted a sequel to the OJ chase.