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PBC News & Comment: 46 Million Americans Live in Poverty

Federal Reserve keeps feeding billions to the wealthy, as poverty festers in America; gay porn photo of federal judge surfaces….Click here for GoDaddy deal that supports the PBC podcast!

–House radicals gear up for blackmail and brinksmanship–ready to shut down government and crash the economy to score Tea Party points

NY Times editorial details big cash from Koch Brothers and other pro-rich groups to fuel the fake crisis

–former Pentagon chiefs Gates and Panetta have different takes on the “red line” with Syria

–Russia blocks threat of force against Syria in resolution

–Israel and Iran float pre-UN meeting PR gestures, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff will unload on Obama for spying on her

–trial drama at Guantanamo, as Jason Leopold wins release of contested memo about strip-search of inmates

–FISA court declassifies info without outside request, claims no phone company has objected to phone records collection, but reporter Spencer Ackerman correctly notes that Qwest refused in 2006 and its CEO went to jail on bogus insider trading charges

Der Spiegel reports, from Snowden NSA files, that 85% of Visa charges are collected by NSA; Kevin Gozstola reports

–Steve Horn, posting at FireDogLake, reports on police beatings of protesters of David Petraeus at CUNY

–the fearless blogger Roger Shuler has posted gay porn photo of federal appeals court judge Bill Pryor

–your humble host corrects a recent error:  New Yorker Bill de Blasio won the Democratic primary for mayor, but still faces a Republican opponent in the general election