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PBC News & Comment: Courts Let Tom DeLay and Halliburton “Off the Hook”

We open with Rolling Stones’ “Off the Hook”, as courts overturn DeLay’s conviction and fine Halliburton for blowout’s evidence destruction…Click here for GoDaddy deal that benefits the PBC podcast.

–we cite CREW on DeLay, and its 13 most corrupt in Congress

–we talk with Allison Fischer of Public Citizen‘s energy watch about Halliburton

–JP Morgan is NOT “off the hook” for London “whale’s” trading losses–rare admission of guilt and $920 million fine

–after FISA court judge says no phone company has resisted or appealed phone records orders, big 5 telecoms are silent

–Pope Francis sings from a new hymnal, downplays the recent obsession with gays, abortion, contraception

–federal appeals court rules that clicking “Like” on Facebook is protected by First Amendment

–in this video, we see examples of future hurricanes named after climate change deniers